The Danyasa School


I’m proud to be the co-founder of The Danyasa School of Yoga and Expressive Healing Arts. The Danyasa School is a Yoga Alliance registered yoga school offering in-depth, world-class yoga teacher trainings at both the 200-HR and 500-HR levels. Rooted in the tradition of non-dual Tantric philosophy, we honor the lineage of yoga and have innovated these powerful, ancient teachings to be relevant and practical today. Through this evolution, our school also incorporates the healing capacity of the expressive arts of dance, creative writing, sacred movement, conscious dialogue, somatic therapies and other healing arts.

The most intensive research today in functional anatomy and optimal movement shows that we need to move beyond the linear spectrum of straight lines and single planes. As we reach into the full spectrum of 3-dimensional, curvilinear space, we support sustainable, long-term, healthy movement and a feeling of freedom in the body/mind complex. Not only does this approach refresh and inspire playfulness in a yoga practice, it also more completely sustains and supports the movements of our daily lives.

Our esteemed faculty is a collection of world-class teachers who each hold a wealth of knowledge, education, and experience in their respective fields. With tens of thousands of hours of specific study and teacher training, each of the Danyasa School teachers is dedicated to meeting you exactly where you are and helping you to realize your goals through each of our trainings.

At The Danyasa School, we recognize Yoga as a state of being, not only on our mats, but in every moment and in every facet of our lives. There are infinite ways that we can access this state of connection, and by weaving together yoga and the expressive arts, we greatly expand our capacity to engage in a life of clarity, authenticity, connection, inspiration and meaning. As reflected in our diverse offering of unique trainings, we believe wholeheartedly in supporting you on your individual journey of profound transformation and integration.

Mission Statement

The Danyasa School of Yoga and Expressive Healing Arts provides practical and powerful tools for skilled leadership that are relevant in today’s world while remaining steeped in tradition. Through a wide variety of movement modalities, The Danyasa School helps leaders cultivate greater presence, clarity and authenticity in order to create lasting, positive shifts for their students on all levels of being.



How it Works

200HR Program 

The Danyasa School offers a 200-HR Danyasa Yoga Arts Teacher Training at Danyasa Eco Retreat in Dominical, Costa Rica.

Details/Prerequisites This training is broken into two 100-HR segments which must both be completed in order to receive a certificate. In order to be eligible to attend this training, potential applicants must:

  • Submit an application
  • Have been practicing yoga (asana) for a minimum of two years to apply
  • Have a strong working at home yoga practice

200HR Danyasa Yoga Arts Teacher Training 2015/16 Embody, Empower, Express: Danyasa Yoga Arts Teacher Training with Sofiah Thom and Ashleigh Sergeant

  • Part 1 – November 29-December 12, 2015
  • Part 2 – April, 2016 (TBA)

*both parts must be completed to receive a 200-HR certification


 300HR Program

The Danyasa School 300HR Advanced Teacher Training is a one of a kind program designed to offer you the most inspiring, creative and in-depth advanced teacher training curriculum around. Broken into various 50 and 100-HR modules, you can piece together a specialized curriculum that fits your unique passion and teaching focus.

Details/Prerequisites You must have already completed and received a certificate from a Yoga Alliance recognized 200-HR Teacher Training program before starting the 300-HR advanced program. Your 200-HR certificate can be from any Yoga Alliance recognized school. You do not have to complete The Danyasa School 200-HR Training before entering The Danyasa School 300-HR program.

  • At least 1 module of the 300-HRS must be completed at Danyasa Eco-Retreat in Dominical, Costa Rica
  • You have 3 years to complete the full 300-HR program
  • All 300 hours must be completed with The Danyasa School in order for the hours to count towards a 500-HR Yoga Alliance certification.  (This is a Yoga Alliance requirement)

*If you are a dedicated practitioner, body worker or other health professional and you are interested in taking a Danyasa School training, you may be eligible to attend. Participants under these specifications DO NOT receive a certificate or any credit towards Yoga Alliance hours.


100-HR Modules in Costa Rica 2015

April 12-25 Yoga As Medicine: Therapeutics and Hands On Adjustments with Ashleigh Sergeant and Meg McCraken

May 31-June 13 Advanced Danyasa Yoga Arts: Teaching Through the Lens of the Goddess with Sofiah Thom and Ashleigh Sergeant

Sept. 13-26 Embody the Sacred Feminine: Life Cycles, Innate Wisdom and the Creative Muse with Jane Fryer and Sofiah Thom

Sept. 27-Oct.10 Radiant Living: Yoga and Ayurveda with Ashleigh Sergeant and Kishan Shah


50-HR Modules in California 2015

July/August: Vinyasa and Nataraja: The Dance of Alignment and Awareness with Michelle Nayeli Bouvier and Siri Peterson  Ojai, CA

November 2-7 Krama: The Art of Sequencing for the Physical Body with Meg McCraken and Siri Peterson, Lake Tahoe, CA

November 9-14 Krama: The Art of Sequencing for the Subtle Body with Meg McCraken and Siri Peterson, Lake Tahoe, CA