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Yoga Is Medicine: Anatomy of the Subtle Body – Advanced Teacher Training

October 8 - October 20

The science of Yoga holds the potential to bring every individual into a state of great health and immense wellness. In this 2-week course, we will explore how to empower one to get back to a state of integration (body, mind, heart and soul) through the wisdom of yoga in its full spectrum of asana, pranayama, meditation, mantra and lifestyle choices. The art of yoga therapy recognizes that this path towards integration is unique for each individual; unique to their specific time and place in life; and unique to their individual experience of life at that, or any given time. Through this science, which has been innovated over thousands of years, a highly individualized, present-moment oriented approach empowers one to get back to a state of optimal integration so that they may live the inspired lives of wellness and purpose that they were meant. This training is co-taught with Meg McCraken.


In this 100-HR intensive, you will gain the tools you need to support yourself and your clients to live healthy, vibrant lives.

  • Refine your eye to be able to read bodies in a therapeutic way through postural assessment. Learn where and how to look for patterns of disintegration and disease in the body and be able to trace them back to their root source.
  • Tone your ears to hear what’s really going on within your client’s story of symptoms, injury and disease. In this way, you can begin to understand the bigger picture of where they are out of balance, not only in their in their posture, but in their minds and in their lives.
  • Learn the anatomy, physiology and psychology of many predominant health concerns. We will look at disease through the lens of current western science, as well as take an introductory look through the eastern models of the gunas, doshas (an individual’s physical and mental constitution) and chakras.
  • Pack your toolbox with the necessary tools to bring all different types of individuals back into their own unique optimal alignment.  We will dive into somatic movement, therapeutic asana, functional movement, adjustments, distinct meditation practices (including specific mantras and mudras) and lifestyle adjustments. Through this study, you will gain the confidence necessary to begin to “prescribe” yoga in an effective way.
  • Gather the skills to attract and work with private clients in a valuable and potent way. We will also explore the arena of integrative care and how to work with other medical professionals such as doctors, physical therapists, chiropractors, naturopaths, specialists, etc.
  • Get a clear understanding on how to craft a healing group practice with effective sequences for various populations such as seasoned yogis, athletes, executives, the elderly, dancers, and overweight people. In addition, we will discuss group classes for different types of health concerns. For example, yoga for back pain, anxiety, arthritis, etc.


This training is part of The Alaya Yoga School 300-HR Advanced Teacher Training Program. You may combine this module with other 100-HR trainings to acquire your 500-HR Yoga Alliance Certification. For more information and prerequisites please click here.


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October 8
October 20
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