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Chakras and Kundalini 100HR Advanced Teacher Training

September 29 - October 13

100-HR Advanced Teacher Training c0-taught with Meg McCraken 

*This training applies to the Avahana School 300hr Teacher Training Program that qualifies 200-HR RYTs for a 500-HR Yoga Alliance Certification

The energetic maps of the yoga tradition hold potential for personal awakening and global transformation.The wisdom behind these highly sophisticated, ancient systems is being confirmed by modern science at an increasingly exponential rate. While remaining rooted in thousands of years of tradition and dedicated practice, these potent teachings have strengthened, refined and evolved to meet the needs of the modern world.

The Chakra system serves as a bridge between spirit and matter, mind and body, heaven and earth. Integration of these systems into a modern day hatha yoga practice will help you to connect with your individual purpose as an individual and a teacher. From here you can help others cultivate a healthy connection between their inner and outer worlds so they can form meaningful and lasting relationships with their bodies and in their lives.  As a leader, connection with the kundalini shakti is the essential power behind the evolution of individual and global consciousness.

This training will explore:

  • The 7 chakra system as it relates to physical, mental, emotional and spiritual wellbeing
  • How the elements of earth, water, fire, air, sound, light and consciousness correspond to each energy center and stage of human development
  • Chakra focused postural assessments and muscle testing
  • Common traumas and abuses and imbalances associated with each chakra
  • Practices to transform negative mental, emotional and physical patterns into tools for growth and freedom.
  • What Kundalini is and safe and effective ways to tap into this power
  • Mental health and emotional intelligence as they relate to the creative power of kundalini
  • How to offer spiritual support to your students through recognition of something greater than themselves
  • The intricate relationship between the chakras, the nervous system, the body and the way they together shape the patterns of our lives. Then we can explore the pathways and our great potential to transform those patterns.

By understanding the relationship of the chakras to the physical body you will learn:

  • To become more present to and to work with your patterns of disintegration and cultivate the tools to continually promote your own full being wellness, so that you can be more clear in your life and your work
  • To see mental/emotional patterns manifest in the physical body and suggest a variety of yogic practices to support movement beyond these patterns
  • Traumas associated with each energy center as they relate to the organs, muscles and connective tissue
  • How to integrate and transform past experiences of injury, abuse and trauma through movement, breath and attention
  • To transform prohibitive mental, emotional and physical patterns into tools for growth and freedom.
  • How to claim the rights of your spirit so that you can manifest your full potential every day
  • Powerful movement, breath, sound, visualization, mudra and meditation practices and teachings that can help to harmonize all of the systems of the body, mind, spirit







September 29
October 13
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The Goddess Garden
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